911 Dispatcher Trainee

ECSO has closed the current recruitment window for this position while we conduct interviews and evaluations for other applicants. You may still submit an application if you wish to take our online skill test and qualify for any hiring opportunities we might have within the next six months.

No dispatching experience is necessary to apply, as we provide a full paid training program to successfully hired candidates. Applicants with experience in public safety dispatching or calltaking are also encouraged to apply.

Important! - Please note: Before applying, please be certain you are able to type 40 wpm (after deductions for errors) on a standard keyboard. Keyboarding and Data Entry are essential baseline skills for this position and are not taught in our training program.

All applicants will be given an online skills test to measure Keyboarding speed, Data Entry speed, and other job-related abilities. The test takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. To take the test online you will need:

  • Computer with a standard keyboard
  • Reliable internet connection
  • A standard web browser
    Edge, Chrome, or Firefox are recommended. Safari is possible with adjustments. Other browsers might not correctly run all test elements.
  • Optional: 10-key pad
    The data entry test involves entering many mixed numbers and letters.  It is your choice whether numbers are entered on a 10-key or the top keyboard row.
  • Optional: Mouse or trackpad
    During the multi-tasking data entry test, you must be able to quickly move between areas of the screen, either by mouse or keyboard navigation.
  • Optional: Headphones or speakers
    Alert tones are played during the multi-tasking test. If you do not have sound, you will need to watch for the onscreen alert flash.

We are currently only accommodating advance qualifying for applicants who can test online. If you do not own (or have access to) an appropriate computer, please wait to apply until our next recruitment period. At that time, you will be able to make an appointment to test in-person on a computer at the ECSO facility.

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Or: Download our employment application in PDF

For minimum job requirements, duties, and other information about the position, see the links below:

Job Description


Entry level wage for trainees is $4,705/month. Subsequent increases are earned by years employed per our current labor agreement up to $6,003/month at the top step of a full 911 Calltaker-Dispatcher (55 months of service.)

Play the video below for a look behind the scenes at ECSO of our wonderful 9-1-1 Call Taker/Dispatchers at work: