Public Records Requests

Public Records Requests

Please note: ECSO's service boundary is Jackson County and Crater Lake National Park (see here for the public safety agencies we serve.) We do not possess records for incidents in other Oregon counties.

Under Oregon’s Public Records Law, a member of the public may request copies of emergency response records for which ECSO is the custodian.  This includes:

  • Audio recordings (preserved for two years only)
    • 9-1-1 phone calls received by ECSO
    • Phone calls to and from ECSO’s non-emergency lines
    • Radio traffic on recorded channels for law enforcement and fire dispatch
  • Printouts
    • Text-to-911 messages
    • Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) messages to/from dispatch

Please note that ECSO is not in possession of police reports or vehicle/bodycam video recordings, nor are we the primary custodian of CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) incident logs for the agencies we serve. These and similar records, such as incident histories for addresses, should be requested from the police, fire, or medical agency that responded to the incident or has jurisdiction over a location.

How to Submit a Public Records Request to ECSO

Requests must be in writing and include at minimum the following information:

  • Name, email address, and telephone number of the requesting party, plus mailing address if physical materials are being requested
  • Date and approximate time of the incident (or a frame of dates for a broader search)
  • Location of the incident
  • Type of incident (i.e. Motor Vehicle Accident, Domestic Violence, etc.)
  • The involved Law or Fire agency and their case number (if known)

Requests can be submitted via our contact page on this website at
Select Public Records Requests from the drop-down menu.

Written requests may also be mailed to:
400 Pech Road
Central Point, OR 97502

Request Fees

Staff Time
The base labor rate is $25/hour* for time spent researching, processing and redacting where necessary.

*This rate is for requests able to be processed by clerical staff, such as for the records listed above.  Requests requiring attorney review or involvement of Information Technology staff may be billed at higher rates.

For simple requests that require less than 30 minutes to process, the labor fee will typically be waived.

If the fee would be greater than $25, ECSO will first send the requester a total estimate before proceeding with any work.


Email delivery of records = no materials charge (MP3 files for audio recordings, PDF for other records.)

Delivery on CD via US Postal Service = $5.00 charge (for materials and postage) added to any labor fee

Hardcopy Printouts = Assessed on a case-by-case basis at 50 cents per page, plus postage

ECSO may require pre-payment of fees before delivering the requested records.  ECSO can only accept checks or money orders, payable to ECSO and mailed to 400 Pech Road, Central Point, OR 97502.  ECSO is not set up to accept credit card or cash transactions.

Response Timeline

ECSO will endeavor to respond to and process a Public Records Request as quickly as possible; however, please note that Oregon Public Records Law allows up to 5 business days for the initial response and 10 additional business days for processing and fulfillment.  If your request is time-sensitive, please plan accordingly.

Limitations and Restrictions

Certain records (or portions of) may be restricted from release, including:

  • Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS) search information
  • Protected Health Information (PHI)*
  • Linked DMV records
  • Non-published phone number data
  • Records related to an open criminal investigation
  • Personal information that qualifies for a privacy exemption under ORS 192.355(2)
  • Other records exempt under Oregon Public Records Law

* Protected Health Information (PHI) is restricted for all citizen requests without proper authorization. A request that contains PHI may require government issued photo identification, a signed release waiver, or a HIPAA Compliant Subpoena.

This list of examples is not a finite list and may change without notification.  Records Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and restricted information will be redacted from non-restricted, with the reasons noted as such.  This information is intended to assist in answering your questions and should not be considered a binding document.