Public Safety Voice Radio Communications System

Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon (ECSO) invites proposals for a next-generation public safety emergency radio communications system to support mission critical communications. The proposed communications system shall provide real time operable and interoperable two-way wireless communications capabilities to all authorized users.

Notice of Intent to Award

Notice of Intent to Award 05142020

RFP Timeframes and Dates

11/18/2019  RFP Release and Public Notice
12/17/2019  Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference and Site Visits
1/3/2020     Last date for Proposer question submittals
1/17/2020    ECSO answers to Proposer questions
3/18/2020 by 2pm PST   RFP Proposal due date

RFP Document Downloads

ECSO P25 Ph2 Proposal Requirements

ECSO P25 Ph2 Functional Specification

ECSO Proposal Requirements Appendix B – Compliance Matrix

ECSO RFP Appendix B Coverage Shape Files

ECSO Proposal Requirements Appendix C – Pricing Proposal Forms

ECSO RFP Appendix C Coverage Shape Files

ECSO RFP Pricing Instructions

Response to Vendor Questions

ECSO Response to Vendor Questions (Excel)

Question 3 County and City Map

Appendix C – Portable Coverage Shape File_v2

Appendix-C-Portable-Coverage-Shape-File_v2 JPG

Site Power